Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby stuff

I am potty training one daughter and feeding a toddler. I am a busy mommy, and it wasn't until I had a conversation with a mother of one child, that I realized I might have a little bit of expertise to share in the area.

I always try to make healthy meals and just grind up my own baby food in a food mill. The one I love best is by kidco. I own three. One is in the diaper bag and two are in rotation at the house. I have used these for all four of my kids, and I am always surprised when someone (at a restaurant or at a dinner party) has never seen one!

When potty training, I wait until they tell me they are ready. Then, I use padded underwear until they stop having accidents. They are called "training pants". I don't use disposable training pants, they are too much like diapers. The kids get the uncomfortable feeling of wetting themselves, but you have less of a mess to clean up. Win/Win.

I also love this potty seat. Because we have such a small living space, I love finding products that save space. This potty seat attaches onto the seat and just flips up when one of the other kids needs to use the restroom. No dealing with putting the seat on in a hurry or finding space to store the unused potty seat. Brilliant. We have the Safety 1st one, but other "flip" potty training seats are out there, and worth getting.

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